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Sherin Hegazy

Trainer, Choreographer, Performer of Contemporary & Balady Dance

Sherin started dancing since 1999 with the American Instructor Diana Calinty the first dancer in Reda Group with Oriental Ballet (Ballet mixed with belly dance movements) Participated in a modern dance workshop in opera house with Tamer Fathy in 2001. Graduated in 2007 from Power Mechanical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Sherin was a participant in Cairo Contemporary Dance Program from 2008 – 2010 at Emad Elddin Studio with Decent Dance association under the supervision of Laurance Rondony. she did her studies in teaching movements in SEEDS program in Training for Trainers 2014/2015. Hegazy gave workshops & dance classes for children, adults, amateurs, beginners & professionals in many places like (Bibliotheca of Alexandria – Rezodance Studio Alexandria – Sant Jan Auntide School – Awlady Orphanage – Lycee France School – Smash Academe – GUC – AUC – Cairo University – Emad Elddin Studio – Dom Tak Studio “Sabrine el Hosamy Studio”) & (Work for Hope - el Bekaa Lebanon in 2015).

Sherin is teaching Modern, Contemporary, Belly Dance and performed in many countries with many choreographers (e.g., Tomeo Vergies and Sandrine Mesneuve in France, Germana Civera in Spain, Marry Cloud in USA, Billy Cawi in UK, Nicole Seiler in Switzerland, Karima Mansour – Laila Soliman – Hala ElKousy in Egypt, Dalia Nauos in Lebanon)  

Also Choreographed many pieces (Ya Sem a contemporary balady dance with live darbouka by Sabrine Elhossamy, to be Continued Festival in 2016), (Mollan Rouge a Jazz & Tango piece in Opera House 2015), (Priority, Make your Move in Danish Festival 2013), (Disorder a contemporary piece in Contemporary Dance Night Festival 2012).


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