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Nermin Habib

Nermin has a bachelors degree in Philosophy, she is also a graduate of Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, Nermin is a member of The International Dancing Council in France.

Nermin has been a contemporary dance and physical theatre trainer and choreographer for talented children, women, teenagers and adults since 2014.

in 2019, Nermin co-founded "Asdaa", a company that focuses on implementing artistic social projects that leave a great impact in the memories.

Nagham Salah Othman

Started her higher education by economics and political science studies, in Cairo University, then in 2009 she started her dance carrier, where she participated in several workshops with Egyptian and foreigner well known trainers (Merritt Michelle, Karima Mansour, Mohamed Shafeeq , Tomio Burgess, Jennifer Iorns, Megan Mazurike, Nicole sealer, Olivier Dubois, samar king , ronii michel and others).

She began her training carrier in 2009 by a workshop for hip hop, at Rawabeet Theater, she also worked with children for 4 years.  Nagham has choreographed several performances (“We” 2010 – “Out of Sync” 2013 – “Swing” 2014 – May7kmsh 2015 – “As You Are” 2016 – “We Need” 2017 – “Utopia” 2018 – “Them (I) 2019) - "my nile "2020 - "tasety "2021 - "ambararo" 2021)

She recently Cherographed the "kebash road" in loxour 2021.

She started developing the Sudanese dance and she worked on the first Sudanese contemporary dance performance it’s a solo (Tasety ) work in progress. 

Nagham participated in several festivals (Festival 2B Continued)  _ D-CAF Festival - National Theater Festival – Contemporary Experimental Theater festival - Kartag Festival in Tunisia – free Theater Festival in Jordan and many other festivals in Europe (Belgium, Germany, England). She also was among the participants of “SEEDS” Training of Trainers Program, by the Arts Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in partnership with the British Council in Egypt with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt.

Mrs. Salah is interested in the merging between contemporary and traditional African dances, where she experimented and taught many workshops for this particular mix at (Azores Studio-Studio-Studio Emad Eddin, Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio , collective studio , Jesuit-Bibliotheca Alexandrina).


Mohamed Bonga

Started off his career studying tourism and hotel management in 2011, He got more involved in arts and began taking part in workshops and stage management at Al Falaki theatre in Egypt, Theater was a direct path to music for DJ and music composing.

Bonga then started working on music projects for The theater plays and short films. his fascination for electronic music led him to start performing in larger concerts and festivals in downtown Cairo and focus on this as a full-time career. 

Bonga started his musical composing career as a music composer since 2015 at D-Caf festival by composing the music tracks of BelBaladi performance directed by Ezzat Ezzat from that point Bonga became a music composer with a special taste of music that mixes the Egyptian spirit and oriental music with the electronic, trip hop and hiphop music which allowed him to be part of a lot of performances after that, e.g. "As long as we stay here" directed by Hend El Balouty , "we need to ..." by Nagham salah , "Utopia" and "The Absntee" as apart of "2 Be continued" festival at El Falaki theater and he toured with those performances to other cities in Egypt, he was also the music composer of "Waste" dance performance, 

at 2015 Bonga joined "In progress band" as a musician and they worked on a cineconcert performed at Dubai design district 3d festival which was a great opportunity for him to develop and work with some other artists from Austria, Bahrein, Columbia and Egypt to have a sound track for Metropolis the old German silent movie which helped him build new ideas which allowed him to further develop.

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Wally Wael

Ever Since i was a kid , I always wanted to create something different, something i could tell a story with, without saying a word cause i’m not good with words lol. 

then suddenly I found myself in photography, i had to make it a life style 

Hi, My name is wally , I’m 23 and i go by whereiswally 

And it’s my honour to be part of 

awalem khafeya’s family

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Mohamed Farouk

Phone Videographer



ستوديو عماد الدين
Tarab Collective
Alcollective Space
Yalla Dance Studio
تياترو مترو
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